White House staff struggle to gain security clearance

White House aides resign over domestic abuse allegations

Trump Defends Accused Domestic Abusers: 'No Recovery for Someone Falsely Accused'

"Some are old and some are new", Trump said.

"There is no recovery for someone falsely accused - life and career are gone", he continued.

Hour laters, White House speechwriter David Sorensen also resigned over domestic abuse allegations.

Trump made no mention of the ex-wives of the two former staffers, or of the alleged abuse.

The eldest Trump daughter, who serves as an adviser to the President, also issued a defense of her former employee. Wynn denies any harassment or abuse.

When #Donald Trump leaves office he will be remembered for his practice of supporting, defending, ignoring and sympathizing with the men in his circle who are accused of vicious assault on their female partners, #Sexual Misconduct and assaults including those involving underage girls. After Ailes was ousted as chief executive of Fox News in 2016, Trump also questioned the motives of some of Ailes' accusers. The president's classic response to the allegations was to ask, how does anyone know the bruises weren't there before?

The FBI denied Porter's security clearance last fall.

"And then they write books that are fairly recently released, and they say wonderful things about him". Trump doesn't care that CEOs can be sued due to the #MeToo movement because men still dominate the ranks of the world's biggest corporations.

"I can't say I was surprised". Look what he's done.

Mysterious Missile Spotted Among ICBMs in North Korea's Military Parade
On Saturday, he tweeted that the U.S. would not "allow the propaganda charade by the North Korean regime to go unchallenged on the world stage".

"At times, the way he would be physically violent with me was very odd", she said.

Following Rob Porter's resignation, president Donald Trump took to his favorite medium of communication - Twitter - and addressed the situation. "And there can be no tolerance for violence against women and we have to be absolutely clear about that".

On Saturday, President Trump snapped out a tweet obliquely addressing the Porter scandal. "And I think seeing Kellyanne Conway on the show here this morning, they're very much still struggling what the messaging is on this one".

Although Conway said she wasn't in the loop about Porter, Stephanopoulos noted that Chief of Staff Kelly and White House counsel Don McGahn reportedly knew about allegations against Porter for several months.

Despite Trump's endorsement, Moore lost the special election to fill the Senate seat to Democratic candidate Doug Jones. Porter has denied their accusations.

Mr Trump's latest comments suggest that this week's resignations - particularly Mr Porter's - were jolting at the highest levels. "They are so easy to blackmail, that's why you do a background check". Rob Porter has refuted these allegations, saying, "These outrageous allegations are simply false".

Many in the media and political circles have speculated that General Kelly, or others in the White House, should step down for failing to fully vet Rob Porter.

"I spoke to the president last night".

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