Wardrobe malfunction mars routine of South Korean ice dancers

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However, Min handled it with grace, knowing stopping to fix it would only cost her and her partner, Alexander Gamelin.

As noted by HuffPost, South Korean skater Yura Min had a major "omg" moment during her routine: while performing with her partner Alexander Gamelin, the top of her outfit began slipping from her shoulders.

"I was like, 'Oh no!'" she added.

After the routine, Min was all smiles. She also altered her movements so that her arms would be kept back in order to keep her costume in place. Unfortunately for Yura Min, it didn't quite happen that way for her. I didn't stop because you get a deduction if you stop in the middle of a program. However, during their synchronized side-by-side spins known as twizzles, Min took a pause to tug on the dress to prevent it from falling, ultimately avoiding a catastrophic fashion faux pas at the 2018 Winter Games.

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"The second we stepped onto the ice, the fans started to scream and I think we really fed off that energy", she said. "That wouldn't be the most ideal Olympic experience, obviously".

The South Korean star's skimpy red dress slipped just seconds into her short dance routine, threatening to reveal just a little too much to the millions watching around the world. The whole time in the back of my head I was just thinking: "'Keep your back straight because it might come down".

There's no telling if the malfunction hurt them or not, but they went on to score 51.97 points and placed ninth out of 10 teams.

What would one of the largest worldwide events be without a few wardrobe malfunctions here and there?

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