US Senate begins debate on immigration

Donald Trump

Trump's move to end DACA program blocked by second US judge

From there, a lot will be up to senators. Accordingly, the Senate will consider the dreamers issue in an open process next week, opening the floor to whatever package can attract 60 votes. "Whether they can stay in school, whether they can keep their jobs, whether they'll be separated from their families-these are as gut-wrenching as decisions in life as anyone might face, and I just don't know if we'll have 60 votes".

There is another bill, introduced in January by Republican senators Orrin Hatch and Jeff Flake, called the Immigration Innovation ("I-Squared") Act of 2018, which seeks to address the issue of backlogs by removing the annual country cap and drastically cut the Green Card waiting period for Indians.

Democrats are on the hook to pass some kind of legislation that would legalize DACA recipients - illegal aliens brought here when they were children.

Different groups have been working to prepare legislation for the immigration effort, including the conservatives who worked off the White House framework and a group of bipartisan senators who have been meeting almost daily to try to reach agreement on the issue. Will Hurd, R-Texas, that sports 54 House co-sponsors, but the White House has opposed the plan.

"I can tell you, speaking for the Republican Party, we would love to do DACA". We get back yesterday, what do the Democrats do? But in my view, going for a streamlined compromise on DACA offers the greatest hope of getting something over the finish line that has vexed leaders in both parties for years. We need to get started.

Democrats and some Republicans say they want to help the "Dreamers", young immigrants who have lived in the USA illegally since they were children and have only temporarily been protected from deportation by an Obama-era program.

But it also ends the popular diversity lottery system and sharply limits family-based immigration.

A group of GOP senators introduced the president's proposed framework as an amendment on Monday. That means finding an agreement that can pass the Senate, pass the House, and which the President will sign.

The president has made clear he wants more than a DACA fix.

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U.S. Senate Republicans on Tuesday turned up the heat on Democrats seeking protections for young "Dreamer" immigrants as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell embraced President Donald Trump's demands for broad changes to the country's immigration policies.

Even Sunday, leadership aides weren't able to say entirely how the week would go.

"Senators have had plenty of time to prepare", McConnell said, according to Politico.

Earlier Tuesday Democrats blocked attempts to begin voting on amendments.

Sen. Chuck Schumer said immigration won't be easy during remarks at the McConnell Center in Louisville.

McConnell agreed to the open-ended debate, a Senate rarity in recent years, after Democrats agreed to vote to end a three-day government shutdown they'd forced over the issue. "There's no understanding now about the first Democratic amendment". "The Secure and Succeed Act is fair, addresses both sides' most pressing concerns, conforming to the conditions the president has put forward". Angus King, I-Maine, said last week following a working group meeting.

Unfortunately, people covered by DACA were children when they came to the United States but that does not make it legal.

Just an hour previous, Cornyn had told reporters the opposite, saying: "We could do it this week if there is cooperation".

The bipartisan bill supported by McCain stands in stark contrast to one proposed recently by another Arizona Republican - one that should be avoided.

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