Toyota Tundra Led The Philadelphia Eagles' Super Bowl Parade

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Pereira: How Super Bowl LII could affect replay for 2018 - Talk Of Fame Radio.

In one week, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz helped his team win the Super Bowl, got engaged to his best friend, and filled in for Vice President Mike Pence at the National Prayer Breakfast Dinner in Washington, D.C. Not bad. But that's two. And even a little bit beyond two.

Trey Burton (left) was a college quarterback before moving to tight end and throwing a touchdown pass in Super Bowl LII.

"I know the league came out and said that it's a judgment call, which it is", Pereira said, via Clark Judge of the Talk of Fame Network. "And it really should've been called".

National Football League rules expert Mike Pereira, who serves as a TV analyst for FOX, said in an interview with Talk of Fame Network that the Eagles were lined up illegally.

According to Pereira - and something that was pointed out by NESN shortly after the play - Jeffery, who was lined up at the top of the play, wasn't on the line of scrimmage, which meant the Eagles had only six players on the line instead of the mandatory seven.

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'If you're going to run a trick-type play, then you have to be lined up properly, ' Pereira said. Jeffery did "check in" with the referee standing at the line of scrimmage, a tactic receivers often use to confirm their team won't be flagged by officials.

As you can see in the picture above, the ball is placed about halfway between the one- and two-yard lines. You could either have six men on the line, or you could have an ineligible number lined up at the end of the line, which was the case.

But for Patriots players and fans, who were on the wrong side of two challenges that ultimately upheld Eagles touchdowns, that probably won't offer much consolation.

Still, the parade itself went smoothly, as Eagles players and staff were led by the Tundra through the city's streets, flanked by thousands of enthusiastic fans. So you look at the play, assuming the call on the field was right, and it should surprise no one when you reverse it to make the call that was basically wrong ... and right that wrong.

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