The Buzz | Oxfam's deputy chief executive resigns in Haiti scandal

Former aid minister says she won't give to Oxfam anymore as criminal charges loom against charity over sexual

Oxfam Ireland emails supporters, promises to 'rebuild trust' after UK staff's Haiti prostitution scandal

Britain will stop funding overseas aid agencies if they fail to learn the lessons from Oxfam's sex abuse scandal, and the government will discuss possible prosecutions with law enforcement, the British development minister said on Wednesday.

She said she would meet the NCA on Thursday following a week of talks with charity bosses, regulators and experts.

Oxfam, which received €1.7 million ($2.1 million) in funding from the European Union for work in Haiti in 2011, is being accused of covering up the episode and failing to warn other aid agencies about the employees involved, which allowed them to get jobs among vulnerable people in other disaster areas.

On Monday, the European Union ordered Oxfam to explain itself over a 2011 prostitution scandal in Haiti, warning charities that the bloc would cut their funding if they breached ethical standards.

Several of Oxfam's corporate sponsors, including Sainsbury's, Visa, M&S and the Co-op bank, have said they contacted the charity to raise concerns about the claims. "And it needs to change now", she said.

The politician said the charity failed to show "moral leadership" and properly inform donors, regulators and prosecutors of the allegations.

"I am very anxious that the activities that were undertaken in Haiti will lead people to believe that Oxfam is less of an organisation than what I know it to be".

She said she found a housemate, who also worked for the charity, fondling a young Liberian woman.

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But Mr MacLeod believes aid should be redistributed by taking funds away from Oxfam as punishment, and diverting that funding to another charity. A spokeswoman for the charity regulator confirmed the meeting but could not give further details.

Oxfam's corporate partners, including Mark & Spencer, Heathrow Airport and Waterstones, are asking questions.

The actress Minnie Driver has stood down as an ambassador for Oxfam.

Waterstones said it would listen to "assurances" given by the charity's bosses.

Driver is the first celebrity spokesperson to abandon the charity amid the growing scandal, which includes allegations that Oxfam staff used sex workers in Chad, the CNN said. He has admitted that he didn't take on board what his own safeguarding officer was saying. And please also know that this organisation is still full of fantastic, brave, committed staff and volunteers who are making remarkable life-saving, life-changing work happen in desperate situations.

Britain is one of only six nations to hit the U.N. target of spending 0.7 percent of gross national income on aid - about 13 billion pounds a year - but there have been increasingly vitriolic attacks on that spending in recent years. That figure includes nearly £31.7m in funding for Oxfam.

"We hope that the increased awareness of sexual harassment, and the safe and secure ways they can come forward, will encourage more people to report and also discourage potential abusers from ever attempting to harass people". Retail sales contributed more than £90m.

He wrote: "I know that this apology is by no means enough but I want to offer it unreservedly to our supporters, volunteers, staff and the people of Haiti and Chad for the things that happened in our name".

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