Super Mario Odyssey expansion launches

Super Mario Odyssey's first content update might be coming tomorrow

Super Mario Odyssey UPDATE: Nintendo Switch dlc LEAK, reveals Luigi mode is coming TODAY

Let us know which games are you picking up and if you've tried out the new Balloon World mode in Super Mario Odyssey in the comments section below. To start Balloon World, seek out the green-clad bro and have a nice chat with him. Hide It sees you given a limited amount of time to hide a balloon, while Find It has you hunting down balloons hidden by other players as quickly as possible. The more balloons you find, and the more other players fail to find yours, the higher you will climb in the global ranking. There are also two new Snapshot Mode filters: Coin and Neon. The highlight of the DLC is the new game mode, called Luigi's Balloon World. He gets particularly confused, in fact, when his brother is wearing the same outfit as himself. However, you must have completed the game in order to play the mini-game, and you access it by talking to Luigi in any of the game kingdoms.

Speaking of costumes, the free DLC also includes a bunch of additional content for players to enjoy during single-player progression including three new costumes for Mario and a bunch of new filters for Odyssey's frankly rather excellent photo mode. The Sunshine, Musician and Knight Armor outfits have now been added and will be available in the shop after players finish the main story.

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Luigi's minigame isn't the only addition the update brought. These tie into some online world rankings.

The update should download automatically, but you can always force the update by selecting the Super Mario Odyssey icon, pressing +, and choosing Software Update.

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