SpaceX's Tesla Roadster payload included a secret backup of human knowledge

SpaceX launch shows promise

SpaceX Hid a Second, Secret Payload Aboard Falcon Heavy, And It Sounds Amazing

Now video taken by two Florida residents offers a close-up look at the SpaceX Falcon Heavy's twin rocket boosters landing after completing their history-making mission. The Falcon Heavy core booster for instance missed its sea-based target and pretty much wrecked it in the process.

On Monday, we learned a bit more in Musk's Twitter posts.

Musk tweeted recently that the two engines failed to fire because they ran out of ignition fluid.

"Not enough ignition fluid to light the outer two engines after several three engine relights", Musk stated regarding the landing failure.

SpaceX's first Falcon Heavy rocket soars into space on February 6, 2018 after a successful debut launch from NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida.

For SpaceX, the private rocket company run by entrepreneur Elon Musk, it was a (mostly) triumphant test of a new, larger rocket created to hoist super-sized satellites as well as equipment to the moon, Mars or other far-flung points. This ship will be called "A Shortfall of Gravitas". All the three drone ships are named after the spacecraft that featured in Scottish author Iain M. Banks' Culture novels.

Scientists create self-healing 'electronic skin'
E-skin is made out of a polymer and silver nanoparticles, which help it conform to intricate, curved spaces like fingers or toes. When the skin is cut into two, the electronic skin self heals by recreating chemical bonds between two pieces.

The need for a third drone ship has arisen because of the increasing number of launches SpaceX is managing for NASA and other contractors.

Of Course I Still Love You, already based in the East Coast facility, was recently damaged during the first Falcon Heavy Mission, so the addition of the new SpaceX drone ship should help fill the gap.

SpaceX has also built another ship with giant metal arms to catch the protective payload fairings (or nose cone halves) on its rockets before they fall into the sea.

While you can not now watch a live-stream of the Tesla Roadster, there is still a final chance to see it and the Starman before they completely disappear from view.

Another one of the branded items Musk sold for his Boring Company was actually a hat, so he's said that if it comes down to consuming a hat, it will be one of the hats bearing The Boring Company logo.

Musk emphasized before and after the launch, success was never guaranteed. And SpaceX has plans for an even bigger rocket, the Big Falcon Rocket.

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