Snapchat faces backlash after app redesign

Snapchat Gets the Upper Hand Over Facebook

Snapchat faces backlash after app redesign

It has been in the process of rolling out a redesigned app that, by separating content created by friends and family from professionally produced content, is meant to make Snapchat more accessible to a broader audience. Since after the Snapchat's overhaul it has been under criticism from users.

More than 578,000 users had signed an online petition by midday Monday calling on parent firm Snap roll back the update, which was released last week.

Selfie lovers recently launched several petitions aimed at 'Making Snapchat Great Again', which were prompted by an update which made users swipe right to see friends' stories and snaps instead of left.

Some of those already able to use the feature have taken to Twitter to serve-up proof of its existence. That being said, the feature may make some users -particularly women and those prone to cyberbullying-feel safer, in which case, the rest of us will have to find some other way to circumvent the intentions of social media platforms.

The app, which is known for its disappearing videos and messages, still remains a favorite among millennials and younger audiences compared to its rival, Facebook-owned Instagram.

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This Snapchat update is the worst thing to happen since U2's album downloaded on everyone's phone. "Thank you, Instagram for the warning", tweeted one distressed Instagrammer.

Snapchat is getting criticism that the new user interface is hard to navigate.

Twitter users offered tips on how to uninstall the update to get the old version of the application.

No, even Snapchat's most popular accounts are stuck with the unpopular new design, but Snap is giving them something they've been clamoring for for years: analytics tools that provide detailed insights into their audience on the platform.

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