Sex offender recaptured a year after switching clothes with drugged twin brother

Alexander Delgado

Alexander Delgado drugged his own twin to escape from jail

In what the Daily Beast points out is a plot taken straight from the pages of Arrested Development, on Monday Peruvian authorities recaptured a prisoner that had been on the lam for 13 months after escaping a prison near Lima last January.

Picture of the main entrance (L) of the Ancon 2 prison, part of the Piedras Gordas Model Penitentiary complex, about 12 km north of Lima, taken on August 29, 2013.

Alexander Jheferson Delgado Herrera was serving a sentence of 16 years for child sexual abuse and robbery when his brother went to go visit him in early 2017.

Arrested on suspicion of involvement, Giancarlo was eventually released without charge while the government offered a $6,000 reward for information leading to his twin's capture, per the Guardian.

Reports say that he was drugged with a can of pop given to him in his brother's cell during a visit.

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Authorities confirmed the wrong twin was behind bars after taking Giancarlo's fingerprints.

The incarcerated Delgado then apparently proceeded to drug his brother, swap clothes, and stroll on out of jail.

Delgado was the first inmate ever to escape the Ancon I prison, which was opened 12 years earlier. Meanwhile, Alexander is likely to be transferred to a maximum security prison in Challapalca, in southern Peru.

On Monday, the interior ministry issued a statement that read, "Today there was the recapture of a rapist who on January 10, 2017 left Piedras Gordas being supplanted by his brother".

Mr Delgado Herrera's life on the lamb ended on on Tuesday (local time) when authorities located him in the seaside district of Callao.

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