Rocket League's in-game tournament mode goes into testing February 21

Hot Wheels is bringing the action of Rocket League to life

Hot Wheels is bringing the action of Rocket League to life

The Hot Wheels Rocket League RC Rivals Set is expected to be released during the Holiday season for an expected retail price of United States dollars $179.99.

Psyonix is about to make it easier for you to compete against your friends in its vehicular soccer hit Rocket League. It comes with a Rocket League-designed mini stadium loaded with infrared sensors and LCD scoreboards.

This promotion is an offshoot from the huge Hot Wheels collaboration between Rocket League and the toy manufacturer, so it looks like this was a match made in heaven.

To get into the beta, you'll need a copy of the game on Steam. It works by using the free accompanying smartphone or tablet application.

We're building organized competition into Rocket League, and we need your help to test it!

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It looks like Mattel and Psyonix aren't ending their relationship here.

But that's not all - the pack will also include new Hot Wheels DLC for use within the game itself. The Hot Wheels Rocket League RC Rivals set brings Rocket League into the real world with a pair of tiny RC cars you use to knock a giant ball into your opponent's net.

The set will come with a game ball, charging base, arena that you must set up on your own, and the two aforementioned cars so you can set up your own games to play with.

Unfortunately, we are still waiting for announcements of toy or Amiibo versions of those Mario Bros. and Metroid cars, but we'll just have to keep dreaming for now.

The trailer above teases bigger things to come with tournaments, and the company's blog post has a few more details, but here's how you can take part and see what the mode can offer for you!

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