Prince Harry Narrowly Avoids A Bite From An Unruly Scottish Pony

Meghan Markle looks on during a walkabout with Britain's Prince Harry on the esplanade at Edinburgh Castle

Meghan Markle looks on during a walkabout with Britain's Prince Harry on the esplanade at Edinburgh Castle

Hundreds of people gathered in Edinburgh as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made their first official visit to the city.

During the Edinburgh visit, Meghan even entered a debate of the pronunciation of "scone".

Also sold out are the $395 Vernica Beard bootleg Adley Pants she wore underneath her coat, which she paired with a simple, black long-sleeved top. A crowd braved the wet and cold weather to wait for the groom and bride-to-be, and several citizens expressed their excitement over seeing the couple. See PA story ROYAL Harry.

Prince Harry initially appeared taken with Cruachan, who wore green tartan for the occasion; the prince stroked the pony's mane and was seen chatting with Wilkinson.

"I also think Meghan is a role model, she's not just a pretty face".

One of the survivors told the Mirror that her visits "mean so much" to all of them.

After they left, George joked: "I'm getting quite used to meeting royals now, I'm not sure my roll and coffee will be quite the same tomorrow".

It's not a stretch to believe the "Tiny Dancer" singer secured an invite as he was good friends with the prince's late mother, Princess Diana.

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Ms Speirs said of the prince: "He was lovely".

Prince Harry and Markle got engaged in November after more than a year of dating.

Inside the castle at the historic Edinburgh Garrison, which looks out across the city, the couple will watch as the One o'clock Gun is fired, a tradition started in 1861 to mark time for ships in the Firth of Forth.

After touring the castle, they're scheduled to meet Josh Littlejohn, founder of Social Bite, a restaurant initiative working to end homelessness in Scotland by distributing meals, providing employment and more.

"They asked me what my connection to Social Bite was and asked if I was homeless and that was about it really".

Prior to their wedding day, the couple is set to visit Edinburgh to visit various social enterprises such as a local cafè called "Social Bite".

The royal couple spent time speaking with the cafe's co-founders Josh Littlejohn and Alice Thompson.

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