Overwatch Lunar New Year Event Brings New Map and Skins

The new Overwatch update for the Year of the Dog event

BLIZZARDThe new Overwatch update for the Year of the Dog event

With a few hours left before the Year of the Dog event kicks off in "Overwatch", game director Jeff Kaplan has revealed that many updates that the well-loved game title will be receiving in celebration for the seasonal event. Allow me to break down what awaits you with this year's Lunar Event. "One side of the map is ancient and shows a temple that's very, very gorgeous and the other side is bright and handsome and very modern".

A new capture the flag map to celebrate the four-week Lunar New Event is set in Thailand. It was particularly created for the sake of Capture the Flag, as it features two polar opposites: one side which feature ancient temples, and another side that features a modern and colorful era of the country. When the match starts again, teams will be forced to play on a smaller ground.

Picking up the flag in the mode has also changed.

Mobility and invulnerability skills drop the flag.

This means that the games will be fast paced and full of action, focusing on building a stronger offense.

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As such, exploration, investigations, combat, player encounters and all the choices are intertwined with the game's narrative. You can watch the latest episode below.

The new Capture the Flag mode will also be available for a four-week competitive season.

As with all Overwatch events, there are also Player Icons, Sprays and Voice Lines to be unlocked and collected.

Overwatch's "Year of the Dog" event will run from the 8th of February (today) until the 5th of March, so gamers have a little under a month to take part in the event and try to collect as numerous skins as possible. Moreover, Kaplan said that they add a new highlight intro for one of the heroes.

Blizzard has made some gameplay changes to the event-only game mode as part of its inclusion in Year of the Dog. So, log into the game and check out all the new content!

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