NRA accuses gun-control advocates of exploiting FL shooting

NRA's Florida lobbyist

NRA's Florida lobbyist

But they are skeptical Congress can seize the moment, overcome its partisan divide and enact measures meant to prevent more tragedies, so governors are preparing to take the lead and have states push ahead with new gun restrictions.

Following the Parkland shooting, in which 17 students were killed, students have led protests demanding gun control legislature to protect their schools. And they see that, it's such a lovely target.

"Out in the firearms community there is a great feeling of betrayal and abandonment because of the support he was given in his campaign for president", Tony Fabian, president of the Colorado Sports Shooting Association, said Friday.

But there were no words of support from the NRA for his minimum-age proposal - and outright opposition from organisations of teachers and school security guards for the idea of arming schools to deal with intruders.

The confrontation is set to test whether Trump is willing to risk his political capital to take on a core group few Republicans have challenged.

One thing I've learned in my twenty-two years as a Chicago Public Schools teacher is this: I carry the responsibility of making students feel safe in my classroom. -They're very close to me. Some of the most popular are talk show-like formats. "So it's up to him whether or not anything happens with guns". He endorsed more stringent background checks for gun buyers, and ordered his Justice Department to work toward banning rapid-fire "bump stock" devices.

NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre, in his first public comments since the shooting in Parkland, Florida, said NRA members mourn for the Florida victims but at the same time issued a searing indictment of gun control proponents for attempting to "exploit tragedy for political gain". "The NRA will back it and so will Congress", the president predicted. "And sadly, it may be working". Motivating gun owners to go to the polls - not campaign funding - is the source of the gun lobby's strength, according to Hammond.

"I don't think I'll be going up against them", he said of the politically influential group".

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In a tweet Saturday, he lowered expectations that he would promote on Capitol Hill the idea of putting "gun-adept" teachers and staff in schools with concealed firearms.

"Let's be clear, we are never talking about an armed resistance against the socialist corruption of our government", he said.

Colorado has been a test case for the politics of gun control and the ability of gun groups to retaliate against those who vote for it.

In his own responses to the shooting, Trump has also criticized the Federal Bureau of Investigation for fumbling the tip.

The US Congress has always been deadlocked on the gun debate, accomplishing nothing despite a spate of mass shootings and polls showing that Americans support stricter gun laws by a two-to-one margin. It ran no roll call of Democrats who voted to advance the bill, which would have been just as informative. Still, the message has lingered: Democrats have not proposed any major gun legislation since the recalls.

Trump had earlier proposed raising from 18 to 21 the minimum age to buy more guns than at present - like the assault-style rifle used by 19-year-old Florida shooter Nikolas Cruz - and making it more hard for the mentally ill to own firearms.

Even Republican leaders fretted about the prospects for progress in Congress, which failed to pass gun control or background check legislation after the CT shooting and has long ground to a halt on issues such as health care and immigration.

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