New Kingdom Hearts III Trailer Reveals Monsters Inc

Kingdom Hearts III Just Got A New Trailer Featuring Monsters Inc And Just Give Us The Game Already

Kingdom Hearts III D23 Expo Japan 2018 and Hikaru Utada theme song trailers

Fans of Kingdom Hearts got a little something to be excited about during the D23 Expo. Going against all expectations, Square Enix not only gave us one big trailer, they actually gave us two.

During a special event held in Disneyland, Square-Enix first showed a new trailer which confirmed there will be a new Monsters Inc world in the game.

The "New" Organization XIII will act as the main antagonists, while Marluxia and Vanitas, previous enemies in the series, will both play a part in the story.

Monsters Inc joins Toy Story in Kingdom Hearts 3's line-up of Pixar worlds, with more of the game's Toy Story world also being highlighted in this trailer. Donald now has a single eye, much like Mike, while Goofy's monster transformation is. goofy looking. Probably for the best, considering how hard it can be to summarise the overall story of Kingdom Hearts in anything less than a seven-part novel.

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The trailer also shows Tangled's Rapunzel in action. She has a real passion for literature and the indie gaming community.

Another revelation today is that the game will get a new theme song called "Oath" performed by the popular Utada Hikaru plus there will be new outfits for King and Riku. It is said, though, the actual game could feature more than nine worlds.

Additionally, a few new details about the game emerged, thanks to GameSpot. 100 people from its Tokyo studio are also involved. Development is split into three sections; early, middle, and late, with around three worlds per section.

Lastly, each of the three sections will have around three worlds.

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