Myanmar Receives List of Returnees From Bangladesh

Bangladesh hands refugee list to Myanmar to begin repatriation

Myanmar offers to take back all Rohingya refugees from Bangladesh

Despite the ongoing preparations for repatriation, more than 2,500 Rohingyas have crossed into Bangladesh this year.

He said Myanmar invited Bangladeshi officials to visit Tombru border point in Naikkhongchhari and talk to the refugees.

Myanmar has expressed its eagerness to welcome back the refugees and have even deployed several personnel in northern Rakhine town to process the returnees. "They said ... they are willing to return to their land, but for that they need to ensure safety and security", said Kalam. "They want to go back but want a guarantee that they can live in peace and happiness there", Taiyub, living in Bangladesh since 2000, told

After a Myanmar army crackdown in Rakhine started in August 25 previous year, over 6,500 Rohingya people from Tambru, Medipara, Raimongkhali, Deybuinna, Laipuiya, Ponduiya, Khuyangcipong villages and Maungdaw's Panirchora had moved to that no man's land and have been living there, a place that is adjacent to Naikhongchhari's Ghumdum border in Bandarban.

There are more than 3,00,000 Rohingyas living in Bangladesh, who fled in earlier waves of violence from the Myanmarese Government since the last three decades.

The list of 8,032 refugees from 1,673 households was handed over to Home Affairs Minister Lt-Gen Kyaw Swe on Friday during a bilateral meeting at the Bangladeshi Home Affairs Ministry in Dhaka.

Kojima says Rohingya women who become pregnant before getting married are considered to bring shame to the family.

The protesters demanded deployment of United Nations peacekeeping force in Rakhine's Rohingya majority areas and recognition of the Rohingyas as citizens of Myanmar.

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However, the repatriation of Rohingyas may take further time as the verification of the first list of Rohingyas "depends on Myanmar" since there is no specific timeframe to complete it.

DHAKA, Bangladesh-A Bang-ladesh Cabinet minister gave a list of 8,032 Rohingya refugees to his Myanmar counterpart to begin repatriations of the Muslim minority under a November agreement between the two countries.

In addition, on January 30, Myanmar Ministry of Foreign Affairs has provided Bangladesh side with information relating to resettlement plan, provision of livelihood assistance, access to basic services, and safety arrangement for verified returnees, he said.

The August violence erupted after an underground insurgent group, the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army, attacked security outposts in Rakhine.

Kalam said Myanmar wanted Bangladesh's help to persuade the stranded Rohingya to return to their homeland in Rakhine state. The United Nations and the USA have described the army crackdown as "ethnic cleansing".

They also want worldwide organisations and media to be engaged in the repatriation process and monitor the overall situation, along with the full implementation of the recommendations made in the report of the Kofi Anan-led Advisory Commission on Rakhine State and the five-point proposal of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Many in Myanmar regard them as recent illegal Bengali immigrants from Bangladesh despite historic proof that the Muslim presence in Rakhine can be traced back as early as the eighth century.

Buddhist-majority Burma denies accusations of human rights abuses and says its military has fought a legitimate campaign against "terrorists" it has blamed for the attacks on the security forces.

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