Justin Timberlake halftime not a crowd pleaser

Timberlake includes Prince tribute at halftime

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National Public Radio music critic Ann Powers said Monday that Justin Timberlake embodies "white male privilege" and that his Super Bowl halftime performance on Sunday was not "right for this moment".

Prince hologram, no members of the Revolution onstage, no members of Nsync onstage, Prince projected onto a big sheet.Justin Timberlake was his usual smooth self, but this Super Bowl halftime show was a little underwhelming.

As for the Super Bowl Halftime Show, most criticism centered on the fact that Timberlake spent more time dancing than singing, and that he had the gall to pay tribute to the late, great Prince in his hometown. This time, though, Timberlake omitted the lyric that proclaims "bet I'll have you naked by the end of this song". Five years after the release of "The 20/20 Experience", Timberlake has returned to the music scene with "Man of the Woods".

Speaking on The Ellen Show, he added: "I'm one of the people that are bidding and looking at it". Other's found the performance too plain and were expecting more out of Timberlake. Then, Justin and Prince's projection sang "I Would Die 4 U" together for the crowd. With regard to the former, Timberlake is a born performer, and the Super Bowl Halftime Show is a performance.

Leading up to the halftime performance, Timberlake reassured us there would be no repeat of the incident. "I just said no".

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I distinctly remember her saying, "Oh wow, this is bad". And, sorry, Justin, that you have so much to say about this performance but nothing to say when you ripped Janet [Jackson's] boob off. It remains a blunt example of how it seems some artists will get away with anything, while others are disowned for someone else's mistake. Although the tribute caused some controversy, due to a hologram, which Prince was against, the feature gave the late musician a huge streaming sales boost.

Some sneakerheads, though, couldn't help but cringe at the sight of such a fine sneaker getting creases as Timberlake danced and performed on the football field. I watched the morning news shows in Minneapolis the day after the show and all of them were over the moon that we did something to honor Prince.

Early last week, I read rumors about Timberlake incorporating a Prince hologram into his show and couldn't wait to see how that would work, although I wonder if what we might have actually seen [if it had happened] was a Pepper's Ghost.

"If what happened in 2004, was a wardrobe malfunction, this was a taste malfunction, a seamy need to reclaim the song that ever so briefly, put him uncomfortably under the klieg lights and restore it to being just another benign entry in his pop-soul catalog".

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