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The ICG's Zalzberg agreed there was little taste for war. In Iran, calls for Israel's destruction are routine, and support for militant groups in Syria, Lebanon and the Gaza Strip intentionally challenges Israel's security.

This marks the first such instance for Israel since 1982 during the first Lebanon war. About 400 of those Russian paramilitary troops have now been killed in the war.

The US secretary of defense has reiterated that they are militarily present in Syria to confront ISIS.

The warning from Syria's Assistant Foreign Minister Ayman Sussan came after an Israeli fighter jet was shot down inside Syrian territory Saturday as it was flying home from a blitz that reportedly wiped out around half of Syria's anti-aircraft batteries. Russian Federation is still bombing areas around Damascus not controlled by the regime, which activists say is causing scores of civilian deaths and many people are trapped without adequate food or medical care.

"Assad and Hezbollah are the same, and if there will be an attack against us, we will not be obligated to act only against the source of the attack", he said during an interview on Army Radio.

That is: It won't brook a growing Iranian threat from Syria. SANA said that "an aggression" by the coalition against "popular forces" that were fighting the Islamic State group and the us -backed Syrian Democratic Forces.

Other Christians have condemned Turkey's military operations against the Kurds and Christians of Afrin.

Residents speak of a rapidly worsening humanitarian situation, adding that medical supplies are running low.

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Considering that the Syrian regime is in tatters, Assad is probably more keen on rebuilding his decimated country than on bearing the brunt of Israeli attacks launched in response to Iranian provocations.

"God willing, they will see more surprises whenever they try to attack Syria", he added. In Idlib, the bombardment has hit hospitals and created yet another wave of displaced civilians. One of its bombers was shot down while on a mission over Syria. At least 100 fighters lost their lives. Syrian anti-air systems retaliated, striking an Israeli F-16, which crashed after making it back to Israeli territory.

A confrontation at the weekend in Syria has turned up the heat between arch-foes Israel and Iran , but neither side seems to want a war for now, analysts said.

By launching a sophisticated unmanned aerial vehicle into Israeli airspace on Saturday, Iran set off a chain reaction, which led the Israeli Air Force to strike components of Assad's air defenses and Iranian positions in Syria.

Israel claimed that it had earlier intercepted an "Iranian" drone, and that the warplanes had been dispatched to hit the site where the drone had been launched from, only to face Syrian anti-aircraft fire. Before the civil war, the Assad regime could say "stop" or "go" - it could actually control the the extent of Iran's involvement. The Syrian issue now is not on the radar of United States policy. But earlier this year, USA officials confirmed Washington's intention to keep troops indefinitely in northern Syria even after the defeat of IS.

"Iran will not step back and will not leave Syria as it is an important geostrategic ally after years of fighting and paying the price for saving it", he said.

Another former Soviet T-72 tank was killed by a USA plane February 10, according to numerous published reports. The state news agency SANA said air defenses responded to a "new Israeli aggression". The area had been a stronghold of IS militants until late past year. But the Syrian regime's indebtedness to the Iranian theocracy for rescuing it from the dustbin of history during the ongoing civil war runs deep.

Keeping U.S. forces in areas that Assad's government hopes to reclaim inherently increases the probability of more clashes.

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