Intel is bringing fast 5G wireless connectivity to PCs next year

Intel has seen growing interest in 5G applications for different form factors

Intel has seen growing interest in 5G applications for different form factors

The company describes its preview system as a detachable 2-in-1 running an early 5G modem and an undisclosed eighth-generation Core i5 CPU.

Intel will demo 5G by showing live streaming of a video over the 5G network.

"Intel is investing deeply across its wireless portfolio and partners to bring 5G-connected mobile PCs to market, with benefits for users, like high-quality video on-the-go, high-end gaming, and seamless connections as users traverse Wi-Fi and cellular networks", the company explained. And as Mobile Word Congress is now just a couple of days away, Intel has just announced its plans to bring 5G to mobile PCs next year.

The company observed: "Imagine being able to continue participating in a multiplayer game as you ride in an autonomous vehicle on the way to class". Naturally, 5G technology in consumer laptops could lead to a pretty significant network speed increase for the average user. At the upcoming MWC Intel will be demonstrating modems with 5GNR interoperability to the public for the first time, and look to commercialize that technology within a year or two of the demonstration. Considering the expected arrival date of Intel's 5G modems, however, that future remains a ways off. The end result will be a single chipset solution that's targeted at smartphone makers. Qualcomm has already outlined its ambitions for the always connected PC with 5G connectivity and today, Intel announced the steps it is taking to compete.

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Not only will it bring a substantial amount of data needing processing but also new experiences for PC owners.

11ax, the next big thing in Wi-Fi.

. The newer standard boasts faster speeds and is also created to perform better in places where lots of devices are all competing for multiple signals, such as in apartment buildings.

Intel expects to showcase a concept 5G PC during the Mobile World Congress 2018 conference and expo, set to be held in Barcelona from February 26 through March 1.

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