Instagram is testing alerts for when someone screenshots your story

Instagram now notifies users if someone takes a screenshot of their Stories

Instagram Now Alerts People When You Screenshot Their Stories

Yup, it seems that Instagram is now alerting users whenever a screenshot of their Story has been taken. Instagram is testing the Screenshot Alert for stories. As seen from the image attached above, the users will get notified by a loading image next to the person who has taken a screenshot.

Those who have taken a Story screenshot of a user who is included in the test will be denoted by a shutter logo next to their usernames.

Good bye freedom to screenshot IG stories.

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If your smartphone is set to Aeroplane Mode when you take the screenshot, you'll be able to bypass the warning.

Instagram acknowledged the test and said it is always working on ways to improve the platform.

Instagram is also pre-emptively warning users that their screenshotting habits are no longer private. This will help identify the one who published a story to correctly identify the person who took a screenshot. Instagram is likely testing how people respond to the new notices and may decide to never rollout the feature to all users, or perhaps change its behavior. Under the story, users can see a small flash icon to show who has taken a screenshot. Most significantly story could be viewed as many times as possible within twenty-four hours, with the creator completely unaware that exactly how many times a single person viewed it. The feature if rolled out, it would intrinsically align Instagram with Snapchat in order to see how the platform tackles with screenshots. Any screenshot of a direct message triggers a notification to the sender, but a screenshot of a story will just result in a notation being placed next to the offender's name in the viewer analytics tab.

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