Fox President Says Disney Is Better Fit Than Comcast

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The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) regulator had provisionally concluded in January that the takeover would hand too much power over British media to Murdoch.

In addition, "no employee or officer" of 21st Century Fox or member of the Murdoch family would "influence or attempt to influence the editorial choices made by the head of Sky News". In addition to the carrot Fox is also wielding a stick by threatening to kill off the station completely if its ambitions are thwarted.

Nonetheless it said its proposed remedies, based on putting a "firewall" around the 24-hour news channel, went to the heart of addressing the Competition and Markets Authority's (CMA) concerns.

In response, Fox pledged a series of measures to "guarantee" the editorial independence of Sky News. Any appointment to the Sky News editorial board by Fox's Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee would have to be approved by the U.K. Culture Minister or by U.K. regulators.

This comes as Fox has spent over a year attempting to buy the 61% in Sky, which is controlled by the Murdoch Family Trust, which also controls News Corporation, the publisher of British newspapers including The Sun and The Times, that it does not now own. The CMA has said that the Disney deal can be taken into account when remedies are considered.

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In either event, the future of Sky News remains unclear, with Sky hinting it could end the service in order to do the deal with Fox. The paper says he is reportedly mounting a renewed bid to acquire either all the entertainment properties of Fox or parts of it which might be of no interest to the mouse house.

In a summary of what it characterised as "non-substantive submissions", from groups not directly involved in the takeover, it said most parties thought that blocking the deal would be the "best and most effective solution".

The Journal, citing unnamed sources, reports that Comcast made a bid for Fox that was in the low US$60 billion range, significantly higher than Disney's US$52.4 billion offer (though Disney's deal totals US$66 billion when debt is included).

Political opponents of the Fox-Sky deal, led by Labour Party politician Ed Miliband, continued to argue it should not be allowed.

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