Ed Sheeran addresses rumours that he's already MARRIED to Cherry Seaborn

Elton John confuses Brit Awards viewers with weird pronunciation of Ed Sheeran's name

Ed Sheeran responded to reports that he's already married and made a case for why all men should wear engagement

A third suggested that perhaps Sir Elton was "serious" about the pronunciation, saying: "That's the second time I've heard Elton John pronounce Ed Sheeran like that....so I guess he's serious!?!?" He noted, "It'll be a situation like this where no one knows".

A further viewer chimed in: "I LIVE for the fact Elton John mispronounces Ed Sheeran EVERY time with no intention of correcting it". As he told Rolling Stone in 2017: "One day this will [all] f-king end".

It was reminiscent of the 2014 Oscars, when John Travolta introduced theatre actress Idina Menzel, saying: "Please welcome the wicked-ly talented, the one and only, Adele Dazeem". "Cherry made it for me herself out of clay", Sheeran revealed.

The singer and fiancee attended the awards last night. He's kept his feet on the ground, he's won our hearts and sold millions of records.

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Seaborn, a consultant with Deloitte, accompanied Sheeran to the Brit Awards.

Ed later took to Instagram to thank Ronnie and Elton, ignoring the pronunciation issues, as he wrote: "Thank you to the wonderful @ronniewood too for presenting me with Global Success award. Very honoured tonight. Yay for British music x".

Ed proposed to Cherry on New Year's Eve and announced the engagement in January, sharing a sweet Polaroid photo of him embracing his partner and revealed their happy news in the caption.

Sheeran has been with accomplished British hockey player Seaborn since 2015, but they met when they were in secondary school in Suffolk.

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