Donald Trump Attorney Michael Cohen I Personally Paid Stormy Daniels $130k

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Trump Lawyer Used Private Company, Pseudonyms to Pay Porn Star 'Stormy Daniels'

He added in the statement he will always support Trump.

The lawyer also refused to answer follow-up questions about the reason he gave Stormy money or whether or not the $130,000 was the only payment he ever made to her. Only Trump's most extreme supporters are capable of believing the story Cohen is pushing.

The Wall Street Journal reported in January that Cohen paid Clifford the money to prohibit her from publicly discussing the alleged relationship between her and Mr. Trump.

Daniels first said that they had an affair in 2011, but now denies that it happened.

He told the Times he had delivered a similar statement to the Federal Election Commission (FEC) in response to a complaint filed by Common Cause, a government watchdog group. The payment was made in 2016, during the campaign. "The timing and circumstances of the $130,000 payment to Daniels make it appear that the hush money was paid to Daniels in an effort to influence the election".

However, Cohen called Common Cause's claims of campaign finance violations "factually unsupported and without legal merit".

"Michael Cohen" Like Trump, I say it like I see it. Cohen is a crook, just like his master.

"I am Mr. Trump's longtime special counsel and I have proudly served in that role for more than a decade".

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Neither Cohen nor the White House immediately responded to BuzzFeed News' requests for comment.

Donald Trump's lawyer, Michael Cohen, released a statement on February 13 that revealed he personally paid Stormy Daniels the $130K that's been surrounding the alleged affair.

Clifford has been taking advantage of her new-found notoriety.

Trump was a private citizen when the 2006 sexual encounter with Clifford allegedly took place. Daniels was working at a booth promoting the adult-film company Wicked Pictures.

The disclosure comes weeks after reports surfaced that Trump hooked up with Daniels in 2006, a year after he married Melania. something Trump's people deny.

Weisberg, in an account published by Slate, wrote that Daniels had "worked out an agreement for the presidential candidate to pay her a six-figure sum to keep quiet".

Gina Rodriguez, a publicist for Clifford, said she cancelled Clifford's scheduled appearance on "The View" after a previous guest questioned whether she should be making public appearances.

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