Devin Nunes Wants to Build a Literal Wall Around His Democratic Colleagues

Tom Williams  ZUMA

Tom Williams ZUMA

Animosity between Republicans and Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee has become so intense that Republican members of the committee are reportedly going to construct an actual, physical wall separating their staffers from Democrats, according to CBS.

In addition, the Fresno County District Attorney's Office prosecutor is prosecuting the case against reelecting Nunes.

Rep. Tom RooneyThomas (Tom) Joseph RooneyHouse Intel votes to release Dem countermemo Several lawmakers have seen intelligence behind Nunes memo Fierce battle erupts over releasing intelligence report MORE (R-Fla.) told CBS that the relationship and trust between Republicans and Democrats on the committee is "poison", but strongly denied knowing about the wall.

Nunes and his campaign may have intended big things for, but the result so far is as transparently inadequate as Nunes efforts to defend President Trump have been.

Nunes also made headlines in March when he held a much-hyped news conference claiming he was rushing to meet with Trump to tell him Trump transition members were caught up in surveillance of foreign nationals. President Trump initially said he would release the so-called "Schiff memo" but then backtracked and said that he wouldn't declassify it unless the Democrats reworked its sensitive and classified passages.

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The record shows, however, that Nunes gladly goes on record as often as possible with Republican-friendly Fox News.

"What the Republicans did was poisonous to the investigation and we think clearing it up with our rebuttal memo is the best antidote. They don't want to cover it". It comes in the wake of the release of the "Nunes memo" and allegations of high-profile leaks within the committee. We are billing his campaign for the service.

Lately, he became a nationally recognized figure with the release of what is called the Nunes memo alleging that the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Justice purposely mislead a special court to get permission to spy on an American citizen associated with the Trump campaign because upper-level officials were motivated by anti-Trump bias. But he said he did not manage "The California Republican" and was unfamiliar with it.

Newsweek's Jeff Stein says that Nunes' friendship with Gen. Michael Flynn fanned the House Intelligence Committee chairman's penchant for conspiracy theories.

Furthermore, Nunes's "online magazine" didn't do much of anything to take advantage of his moment in the misleading-memo-sun a week ago, or offer any real insight from the congressman or his inner circle when it mattered most.

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