Detroit Police Officer Shot, Suspect Barricaded

Detroit Police Assistant Chief Arnold Williams screen shot from Detroit police Facebook live stream

Detroit Police Assistant Chief Arnold Williams screen shot from Detroit police Facebook live stream

A 14-hour standoff with a barricaded gunman ended Monday with three women dead, three police officers injured and the gunman dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Police are still investigating how the situation began, but believe it may have started with an argument between the suspect and one of the female victims.

Police fired flash-bang grenades and gas cannisters into the home multiple times between 10:30 p.m. Sunday and 2 a.m. Monday, when they lost all contact with the suspect.

Responding police officers did not return fire during the standoff because it was unclear where the gunfire was coming from, according to Craig.

Smith ultimately killed his girlfriend and two of her friends who had gone to the home to help with a domestic situation, officers said.

He was taken to the hospital and is in stable condition.

A male inside the house was also shot but survived. Smith shot two other officers who responded to the scene.

All officers were shot in their legs, although all are considered minor injuries. Smith has no criminal history, but police say he may have been suffering from a mental illness.

The three officers wounded in Detroit followed what one national group called one of the deadliest periods in recent memory for police with seven officers killed in the US last week. Craig said it is possible he could be dead inside. However, police discarded the theory after arresting a neighbor who they believed to be the second shooter.

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Some who know the suspect and his girlfriend, said the relationship was "for the most part uneventful", Craig said.

The barricade began Sunday night with a 911 call to police about shots fired from a home, Craig said.

Detroit police and Michigan State Police have blocked off streets and roads in the neighborhood.

Assistant Police Chief Arnold Williams told media early Monday that the suspect had at least seven firearms registerd in his name.

"The suspect was heard saying, 'I will not be taken without a fight, '" Craig said.

"He clearly expressed an intention to do harm", Craig said. Family members said the man suffers from mental illness, but Craig said there is nothing to confirm such.

At the time, Craig blamed Doss' slaying on police work being unsafe but also society's failure to treat many of those with mental illness. "This is national. When will it end?"

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