Crunch Time In PA Congressional Redistricting Case

Nancy Patton Mills- from the Allegheny Democrats website

Nancy Patton Mills- from the Allegheny Democrats website

Initial reaction was that it wasn't really meant to meet the approval of Gov. Tom Wolf, but to serve as a start to a negotiated map.

It was the latest turn in a political drama that has gripped the state capital for the last several weeks, one with major potential implications for national politics. As populations change (as measured by the Census every 10 years), state legislatures redraw the maps.

HARRISBURG, Pa. Pennsylvania Democrats on Saturday described a revised congressional district map being proposed by Republican leaders as too partisan, citing as evidence the results of the 2016 presidential campaign. That would have been true under the proposed map as well, according to an Inquirer/Daily News analysis. Pat Meehan's 7th District, labeled "Goofy kicking Donald Duck" - faces an overhaul, perhaps by packing tendrils now snaking through five counties closer to its longtime anchor of Delaware County.

The next few days will be critical ones in the case involving the shape of Pennsylvania's Congressional districts.

Pennsylvania's Republican-crafted 2011 map has resulted in a 13-to-5 Republican edge in Pennsylvania's congressional delegation for the past three elections.

That would potentially give her an easier path to Congress - since the Republican incumbent in the Seventh, Rep.

Meehan, Dent and Barletta aren't running for another term. Gerrymandering is the practice by the party in power of drawing the districts to either spread out voters of the opposing party to minimize their influence or pack them into districts where they will win that district but not nearby districts. "We are not engaging in speculation". The top-ranking House and Senate leaders say their map "complies fully" with directions from the state Supreme Court. Houlahan, he added, "can still run in the district against me".

Republican Rep. Charlie Dent's 15th District, for decades in the Lehigh Valley, now stretches west 80 miles across five counties. Tim Murphy resigned in a scandal, or Republican Rep. Congressional districts determine who gets to represent Pennsylvania in Washington D.C. Democrats also suggest that Republican took great pains to protect Republican chances at winning 13 districts, working particularly to help Costello, the most endangered Republican incumbent.

The court, with a Democratic majority, ordered the Republican-controlled Legislature to draw new boundaries by last Friday that would need approval from Gov. Tom Wolf by Thursday.

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But Democrats quickly attacked it as a "naked partisan gerrymander".

In addition, the Republican map shifts the homes of two prominent first-time Democratic candidates into new districts.

"Where you make the splits is where the art of the gerrymander lies", Wang said.

Democrats, on the other hand, have praised the ruling. And no party affiliation or election outcome data should be used to draw the maps.

"And of course", he wrote in an email, "these are seasoned politicians who know their state very well!"

"The districts are compact".

"It is easy to zoom in on an individual line and nitpick", Neal Lesher, a spokesman for Turzai, said in an email.

It is unclear whether the state Supreme Court, which has a Democratic majority, would accept a submission by two Republican leaders without a full vote by the legislature - even if Wolf were to approve it.

The new plan includes 15 split counties and 17 split municipalities, Scarnati said.

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