Couple sells everything for dreamboat that sinks in just two days

LOCAL     Couple sold everything to live on a boat it sank on Day 2     
       Within two days their dream became a nautical nightmare

LOCAL Couple sold everything to live on a boat it sank on Day 2 Within two days their dream became a nautical nightmare

Last year, USA natives Nikki Walsh, 24, and her boyfriend Tanner Broadwell, 26, decided they were exhausted of the 9-5 grind.

Nikki Walsh, 24, and boyfriend Tanner Broadwell, 26, decided almost a year ago they were exhausted of working. Previous year they bought a 28-foot sailboat in Alabama and headed for Tarpon Springs.

"Like the 13th donut in a dozen", Broadwell explained.

"We decided that we were going to sell all our things and move to a sailboat in the gulf", Broadwell said.

The couple began their trip at Anclote Key on Tuesday. They returned to the area the following day but nothing could be saved.

The next day, the dream died in John's Pass.

The channel leading to the port was dark and foggy when the keel of the Lagniappe was ripped off by something underwater. Though armed with Global Positioning System and maps, the sandbars in the area are said to shift frequently. He then began working and saving to buy supplies for the boat. She also only had moments to grab essentials, which were floating in the water. "I just lost everything I ever owned".

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Sea Tow told the pair they would be there in 40 minutes. The couple, which previously drove for Uber but said they had little sailing experience, spent another $5,000 to fix up the vessel. Broadwell was even without a shirt.

They are now staying at a cheap hotel, thanks to Broadwell's mother. "Maybe it'll show people they can do it too. He was shaking, he was scared", Walsh said. "Everyone just started showing up to help us".

They are seeking $12,800 to rescue the ship, which sunk off the coast of Madeira Beach, Florida.

But all is not lost, especially their dream.

'I'm going to get another boat down the road'.

Mr Broadwell was at the rear of the boat, holding onto Remy when the trouble hit.

"We can't just give up on our dreams". $10,000 are for the removal of the boat and the extra money will be for a new boat, according to their GoFundMe page.

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