Coffers unexpectedly full at the Thames Valley District School Board

The Carroll County School Board is meeting to find out if they can legally ban the Confederate flag from being worn or used in and on school grounds

The Carroll County School Board is meeting to find out if they can legally ban the Confederate flag from being worn or used in and on school grounds

"I think that, while money doesn't fix everything, there are certainly some things you can throw some money at and it might help", she said.

"I think it needs to be re-evaluated" explained Dean, I'm not going to stand here and tell you that we're the best school system in the state but we're not almost as bad as they make us look".

He doubled down on those stances at Tuesday night's Board of Education meeting.

A public hearing is set for March 8 at 6 the New Bridge Learning Center, where the board holds its regular meetings.

"If they are going to cut our transportation funding down to 25 percent that they fund, then maybe we will only run 25 percent of the routes", Cook said. For each of the district's five goals, which the board approved in January, Superintendent Sharon Contreras and her staff have identified a few measures that contribute or relate to the overall goals.

Dr. Tanoos's retirement puts the board in unchartered territory.

"Hopefully the legislators will do something about it", Cook said.

This search for a Wake County schools superintendent is less political, some say
Alpine School District tweaks school naming policy

On Jan. 18 the district released a proposal to obtain superintendent search firms, and it received seven proposals with the top four to be brought back for discussion at the upcoming meeting, Board of Education Board President Laurie Endres said.

"All we're doing is throwing ideas out on the table". Members of the board voted unanimously Monday to adopt a resolution spelling out the district's opposition to the bill.

Tim Eaton of KSBA will be in charge of assisting the board through the process of hiring a new superintendent.

Kassa suggested each school board member file a disclosure statement including any possible conflicts of interest or relatives who work for the district, and member Jenna Ott asked for better communication from the district on where taxpayer dollars are spent.

"This is especially true of current superintendents, who are often concerned about whether public knowledge of their applications elsewhere could impair their ability to continue in their current positions if they do not ultimately get the job they are applying for", she said. Their primary goal will be to narrow down the candidate pool and present the 3-5 candidates they deem to be the best to the board for consideration, although Eaton told the board they are able to hire the person that they want, even if they are not one of the applicants recognized.

For that superintendent search, Wake hired McPherson & Jacobson, a Nebraska-based firm, which said naming the finalists and having them meet with the public would make the process more transparent and lead to greater public support when the board made its choice. This team includes a representative from Indiana State University.

Ford Officially Ramps up Production of Expedition and Lincoln Navigator
Instead, assembly-line workers are getting boatloads of overtime and working voluntary weekends to keep up with the huge demand. The 2018 Expedition and Navigator's production targets have been boosted by 25 percent with the latest announcement.

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