Black Panther's Mythical Home May Not Be So Mythical After All


Black Panther's Mythical Home May Not Be So Mythical After All

It's been said a million times over, but Black Panther marks a huge milestone in Hollywood.

Folks are pretty excited about Black Panther, the movie has received overwhelming praise by critics and its opening weekend is expected to be up there with the best Marvel has had to offer.

Keep in mind, too, the digital age opens up that possibility.

The entire cast of Black Panther graced the March 2018 Essence cover.

"Black Panther" has an average aggregate score of 87 on Metacritic, as well as a 97 percent certified "fresh" score on Rotten Tomatoes - the highest for a Marvel Universe film.

From unparalleled technological sophistication to the empowerment of women, Oscar-winning actress Lupita Nyong'o recognises that this figment of the imagination that was spawned in comic books in 1966 is setting the tone for everyone, especially young girls. Boseman plays T'Challa, the king of a hidden land called Wakanda, which he describes as "a highly technologically advanced nation on the continent of Africa".

There were others who thought that black people or black talent in film doesn't sell internationally, doesn't sell foreign, doesn't sell in Japan.

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Given the age we live in, political correctness is a term that gets thrown around left and right, and Black Panther is not immune, and I get it. Everyone involved seems to see the significance in the film's release, especially as the vast majority of major contributors are black.

"I'm just like them".

"We want these kids to know there are superheroes in the community", said Judge Kim Cooks. While supplies last, fans buying Black Panther tickets through Fandango will receive a complimentary movie poster with purchase.

You can also see a trailer for the DLC below in the YouTube video embedded.

"We do have influence over the rest of the world when it comes to popular culture".

Chadwick had a cameo appearance as Blank Panther in Captain America: Civil War in 2016.

"So I think not only are they going to be entertainment on the screens, but they'll also be used as icons, as symbols of the way this country is diversifying, and about how we see ourselves as a country. And I hope I hope that she will continue to have all the success int he world", Khan added.

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