Battlefield 2018 will be playable at EA Play 2018

EA Play Returns to the Hollywood Palladium for 2nd Consecutive Year

Anthem and next Battlefield to be on-hand at EA PLAY 2018 in June

Nothing is confirmed, but EA is starting to hype up the next entry as we push deeper into the year. They've confirmed the "next Battlefield experience" will be on hand and playable at the event. Over the past few weeks, EA has revealed several new tidbits about the upcoming game, including confirmation that it will be released in October.

Anthem is now scheduled for a release window in the first half of 2019 and Battlefield for this October, though we don't know a lot about what's in store for either franchise just yet. We'll also touch on what we've heard about the game. Exactly what the next Battlefield game will involve remains to be seen, but hopefully it'll be just as good as Battlefield 1 was. Smart money would be on WW2, but Battlefield: Bad Company 3, or another spin-off entirely is a distinct possibility.

3 years ago, Electronic Arts chose to depart the confines of the Electronic Entertainment Expo in favor of doing their own event, called EA Play.

The E3 Expo begins the day after, from June 12 - 14.

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What games, you ask? Chief among those is EA, which announced the date and time for its EA Play 2018 event. Players will have a chance to play the next Battlefield experience, all the upcoming EA SPORTS games, and get an inside look at the new action game, Anthem.

Those who can't make it to the event will be able to watch everything unfold on the official EA website. The best part about these annual conferences is that there's always next year, and EA Play 2018 will certainly be the publishing giant's next big shot at righting their ship.

EA Play will take place in Los Angeles at the Hollywood Paladium, a fairly short drive from E3 2018 at the LA Convention Center in Downtown Los Angeles.

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