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Apple HomePod sound technology explained

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When Pogue enquired with Apple as what the audio sources for each of the devices on show, he discovered that the HomePod was connected wirelessly using AirPlay, the Echo Bluetooth, Ethernet for the Sonos and input miniplug for the Google Home.

Some people who bought the just-released $349 speaker, dubbed the HomePod, are reporting that it leaves a white ring on the surfaces of wooden furniture. An Apple spokesperson has confirmed the issue and offered a partial remedy.

HomePod owners took to Twitter after white rings were left on wooden tables and worktop surfaces in the exact shape of the speaker's bottom ring.

According to Apple, the white, circular marks left behind by the HomePod on wooden surfaces may improve after several days.

Apple HomePod sound technology explained
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The problem only exists on wood surfaces that are treated with an oil or wax finish, since those finishes are still somewhat permeable to water.

Apple traces the issue in one of its support webpages down to the "vibration-damping silicone base" on the HomePod. Unlike some smart speakers, which look a bit like glorified Pringles cans, the HomePod is large, sleek, and gorgeous. If youre concerned about this, we recommend placing your HomePod on a different surface.

After much delays, Apple finally made the HomePod available in selected countries this year. If the marks don't go away, the company suggests, "wiping the surface gently with a soft damp or dry cloth may remove the marks". Alternatively, you could also place it on glass or granite with no issue at all, or, you know, just skip the overpriced Apple device entirely this time around. The HomePod is 5.6 inches wide, so most coasters will be too small, but we're sure you can find a decorative plate or something. In case the stain doesn't go away, the company recommends "cleaning the surface with the manufacturer's suggested oiling method".

After acknowledging the issue, Apple has updated its official page for HomePod. The HomePod also features Apple's assistant Siri, which is still catching up to Amazon's Alexa and Google's eponymous Assistant in responsiveness and versatility.

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