Apple Could Be Revising Its Approach To iOS, macOS Updates

iOS 12 for iPads Looks Like a Big Bummer

Apple's New Software: Advancement Or A Step Back?

Unlike Google, Apple doesn't release separate updates for its default apps such as Messages, Calendar, or Mail.

The Bloomberg report also sees the decision to give engineers more time and the discretion to "push back features that aren't as polished to the following year" a cultural shift in the company that is known for "quick turnarounds and flashy upgrades". That doesn't mean iOS 12 will be devoid of new features.

Apple will reportedly port animoji over to the iPad, and improve the So Not Diatub functionality of the iPhone. Bloomberg says third-party developers will be able to release iPhone and iPad apps on macOS. Internally codenamed "Peace", iOS 12 will focus on fine tuning and polishing the user experience and numerous features initially planned for this release will get postponed to iOS 13 slated to debut in 2019.

Just 65 percent of iOS users have embraced Apple's latest mobile operating system, iOS 11, compared to 79 percent for its predecessor last February - according to Apple's developer website. You can still expect iOS 12 and macOS 10.14 this Fall (and probably new versions of watchOS and tvOS), but the WWDC keynote might be a bit shorter than in previous years.

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Apple is planning to launch a new iPad equipped with a Face ID camera for support of Animojis, and FaceTime integration for the animated animal faces.

In other Apple-related developments, a recent leak of iOS-based source code has been traced to a "low-level" employee who shared the software with a small group of friends two years ago.

Both the#Department Of Justice and the Stock Exchange and Securities Commission of the country studied whether Apple infringed consumer laws and the protection of citizens with the adjustment of software. The company is looking at updating FaceTime with support for multi-person video conferencing; however, that may not be ready for this year. This new tool follows an open letter from two large Apple investors early this year who expressed concern that kids are too addicted to their digital devices. More likely than not, this is a response to customers' complaint of buggy features and app crashes. Not only has Android become way slicker than before, but Apple has started to put out buggier software, annoying iPhone and iPad users. Moreover, it will also be possible to play AR games with multiple people. Even iPad users will have to wait until 2019 for major updates.

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