Android P to Support 'notched' Displays

The FaceID infrared rays are pretty impressive

The FaceID infrared rays are pretty impressive

The notch is here to stay. Interestingly, it may be similar to what Apple has launched recently-the notch we see on the iPhone X. We're not going to make any conclusions about this move yet because the truth is, nothing is final yet.

Bloomberg's Mark Gurman writes that "people familiar with the matter" have also revealed that the Android update will also better integrate Google Assistant and improve battery life. Unlike iOS 11, which was more focused on internal improvements, Google's focus could be more towards the cosmetic changes in Android P. For now, the version is being called as "Pistachio Ice Cream" internally, however, this may not be the official name of the OS.

Android is already the leader of mobile operating systems, mainly due to its open nature - something Apple refuses to be for its iOS. With the rise of edge-to-edge screens in the a year ago, companies have begun including notches that sit at the top of displays which house important sensors and the front-facing camera.

Regarding support for more unique smartphone designs, that sounds like great news. Essential Phone already features a camera notch.

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Google's biggest audience for its Android OS comes from low-end and mid-range smartphones globally.

Google is reportedly building support for notched screens in Android P, which would solve Essential Phone issues like this.

The Apple iPhone X is a successful device as seen from the recent quarter results where Canalys estimates Apple to have sold 29 million units of the iPhone X despite supply issues. While it's all but been confirmed that Samsung is sticking with a similar slim-bezel design for the upcoming Galaxy S9, late-in-the-year flagships could turn to the camera notch to build a bit of buzz around their releases. According to the report, Google will offer developers the option to "integrate Google's voice-based technology inside of their apps". Assistant might also be added to the omnipresent Google search bar on the home screen, although neither of these decisions is apparently finalized yet.

Google's next version of Android may be designed for phones that look a lot more like the iPhone X than they do like the Pixel 2 XL. As the report highlights, Google's Android P update, which is still a work in progress, will embrace the notch. Now, Bloomberg reports, Google is looking to follow in Apple's footsteps with some unusual display action of its own.

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