Android Messages may soon let you send texts from the web

Google is Planning to Launch a Web Version for Android Messages

Android Messages may soon let you send texts from the web

Although, there are few of its messaging apps, which include Android Messages, Hangouts, Google Allo and Voice, none of these have become a standalone messaging (including SMS) app with all-inclusive features. Some intriguing findings suggest features like sending messages from PC, scanning QR code, connecting PC app to phone, multiple browser support, etc. Once the two apps are linked, users will be able to type and send SMS, MMS and likely RCS messages using their computer, with the actual message being sent over one's phone. An APK teardown reveals that Google could be working on a web interface that will allow Android users to pair their smartphones with their computer for easier texting right on their computer.

The code also indicates that users will have a new notification channel and receive a notification when their phone is paired with a desktop.

As long as there is cellular connectivity, you should be able to receive incoming messages.

Interestingly, WhatsApp also has a similar feature in which users are able to pair their applications with their desktop browser and communicate through multiple devices.

Android Police also found code for a pop-up that reads, "New!"

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As a watered-down version of the full app, expect Google Maps Go to offer basic functionalities like the ability to see your location, get directions to a place via vehicle, train, bus or by walking and allowing you to see your saved places.

The second feature could involve RCS, which stands for Rich Communication Services and aims to replace SMS with additional features. The new code is clearly meant to support more traditional transactions as indicated by references to things like "Order summary", "Payments Summary" and "CHECKOUT". Text over Wi-Fi and data, ' which is a description of RCS.

However, RCS's adoption depends on network carriers using it and making it compatible, which is why it isn't prevalent. In any case, promotional messages such as "New!" However, it makes sense for Google introduce them to Android Messages, given the amount of Android users around the world.

On July 8, 2015, Google's stock prices were priced at $541.7. Google already added the ability to send money to other private individuals in an update last fall.

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