Working Xbox Watch Seen In Leaked Images

Xbox watch leak

Real life images of Microsoft Xbox Watch leaks online

It has been a while since Microsoft launched a wearable fitness tracker and it seems that the company has lost interest in this form factor, at least for now.

Despite the fact that Microsoft has given up Windows Phone and anything related to the smartphone business, the Redmond-based company was, at some point, very close to releasing a smartwatch. The device is in working condition and the images show some basic functionalities of the smartwatch.

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The Xbox Watch prototype was an extremely early version of the device, featuring only four apps: Workout, GPS, Settings, and a USB debugger. "If you find the Xbox Watch can't be recharged, you can disassemble the screen with a utility knife or a razor, then hit the positive pole on the battery with piezoelectric ceramic igniter from a lighter", Hikari Calyx tweeted. The interface looks similar to the Band wearable device and the Xbox UI tiles from 2013.

The technology that Microsoft developed for the Xbox Watch was presumably rolled into the Microsoft Band. A series of leaked images today revealed that Microsoft has had a plenty of ideas for a smartwatch that was ready for launch but never actually made it to the consumer. However, Microsoft's work on wearable devices was still for naught, as the Microsoft Band was also eventually canceled. However, it's not like that device had a good run because Microsoft ended up discontinuing the Band. Unfortunately, we will never know if the Nokia Moonraker would have performed better in the market than the Microsoft Band.

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