What are the new Overwatch skins and how do you get them?

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Legendary Overwatch Skins On The Way! Includes A Shiny New Golden Pharah

For those who want to see what has already been released and galleries of new items, you can check out this blog post by the Overwatch team.

Blizzard has revealed when popular hero shooter will get Blizzard World - a new map that was shown off at. Longtime fans of the game studio will recognize that some of the new skins are homages to different titles that were published by the developer.

The new items includes Epic and Legendary skins, player icons, emotes and sprays. She's easily the most recognizable Overwatch character and is more or less universally loved by players of the game. Take a look at the new skin via Overwatch's official twitter account.

"And, starting January 23, you'll be able to earn these cosmetics in standard Loot Boxes as well as unlock them via the Hero Gallery all year round". The official Overwatch website encourages fans to anticipate more reveals in the next few days until the new update launches on January 23, 2018.

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With a lot of the previous additions, if you miss the relevant events you have to at least wait until they come around again for those skins to be accessible. Diablo is likewise represented with Reinhardt as the Crusader, Zarya as the Barbarian, and Roadhog as the Butcher.

The remaining five do not seem to have any game reference but look great nonetheless.

Among the updates will be a bunch of new skins including new legendary skins for Capoeira LĂșcio and Kabuki Hanzo.

"Overwatch" is getting a huge content dump soon, as Blizzard prepares for the big Cosmetics Update for the game to start the new year.

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