US Halts $125 Million in Funding for Palestinian Refugees

UN trucks carrying building materials for projects funded by UNRWA arrive in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip after crossing the Israeli Kerem Shalom crossing

Israel should control Jerusalem

Israeli and global reports reported the United States' intention to freeze or delay its financial fund to UNRWA and stop aid to the Palestinians until they return to the negotiations table with Israel.

Safadi said the ministers would recommend a series of moves to a full ministerial meeting of the Arab League due later this month.

All the Egyptian TV hosts did as Kholi asked, according to the Times, and most publications affiliated with Egypt's government were equally muted about US President Donald Trump's announcement in early December.

A report by the New York Times has said that while Egypt's government was publicly condemning a USA decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital, a state intelligence officer was asking influential TV hosts in the country to persuade their viewers to accept it.

Trump cemented his support for Israel, when he recognized Jerusalem as its capital, reportedly against the advice of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

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Ayman Safadi spoke after hosting five Arab Foreign Ministers and the head of the Arab League on Saturday, to decide on a joint Arab response to Trump.

"Those who prophesied that the Arab and Muslim response to recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital would be apocalyptic - waves of anti-American demonstrations, mass violence against US citizens, institutions and interests, and the final and irrevocable end of American influence in the region", he added, "[they] seem to have been totally wrong". Haley said the Trump administration did not want to help Palestinians unless their leadership came to the negotiating table to work on a Middle East peace agreement with Israel. It called the report "inappropriate" and said Egypt's official positions should be gathered from official sources.

Al Karmi stressed that the Palestinians, mainly, the Arabs, the Muslims, and the free people of the world will not succumb to Trump's decision as they did not give up before to the Balfour Declaration.

Speaking with Sputnik Radio's Loud & Clear about Trump's threat to axe funding to the Palestinians, cofounder of The Electronic Intifada, Ali Abumimah, said it would be important to determine whether the funding cuts would hit UNRWA or the Palestinian Authority.

Today, on the same day as Johnson's separate comments, which risk angering the Israelis and the Trump administration, Pope Francis again spoke out on the issue and reiterated the need for the preservation of the old "status quo" in a shared Jerusalem when he addressed worldwide diplomats. They reject Israel's claim over the entire city, which it captured in a 1967 war and later annexed, as illegal.

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