US government shutdown looms amid immigration battle

Judge temporarily blocks Trump from rescinding DACA

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Democrats, meanwhile, say the burden is on Trump to move the negotiations forward after he shot down the bipartisan immigration proposal last week.

But tweets from Trump and other recent statements have included some proposals that have, so far, only made negotiations more hard. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) said on Sunday that he had spoken to the participants of the meeting right after it ended and before Trump was accused of saying that phrase, and he confirmed that they (the participants) said the words were used.

- President Trump took to Twitter on Tuesday morning to blame Democrats for a looming government shutdown and to once again call for better security on the U.S. -Mexico border. The group of lawmakers also seemed to agree to address broader immigration in a separate bill.

"I thought the guy I saw on Tuesday was the guy I play golf with", Graham said to reporters on Capitol Hill.

No one disputes that the President expressed a preference for immigrants from places like Norway over places like Haiti, Central America and Africa. The bill would give DACA recipients a three-year renewable legal status, but no pathway to citizenship. But she said she didn't "dispute the president was using tough language". The bill aligns with numerous White House immigration principles that were outlined in an earlier memo, but is far from what Democrats are willing to accept when it comes to the so-called Dreamers.

The former DHS secretaries stated in the letter that the DACA program was created in 90 days, and that a 45-day window set by president Trump is an insignificant amount of time to restructure a new program to protect DREAMers. "For these reasons, the realistic deadline for successfully establishing a DREAMers program in time to prevent large-scale loss of work authorization and deportation protection is only weeks away".

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"If I'm in a situation where I've got to vote for the budget and the blanket amnesty, I'm going to vote no and I won't do it happily", Kennedy said.

Mr. Trump stressed that those illegal immigrants are no longer children. "I can't defend the indefensible", said Mia Love, a Haitian-American congresswoman from Utah who campaigned on Trump's behalf in the country's Haitian community.

President Trump has already said he'll be willing to take the political hit to get an immigration reform deal done.

Racially-charged comments continued when lawmakers brought up the Congressional Black Caucus, with Durbin suggesting the voting bloc would be more likely to come to the table if protections for certain countries were included.

Flake said he was in a meeting immediately following the one in which the president made the alleged comments, with some of the same participants.

And according to the State Department, several countries have summoned U.S. diplomats to the respective nations they reside in to answer for Trump's comment, with more expected this week. Trump announced a year ago he would cancel the Obama administration's executive order allowing DACA, but had repeatedly urged Congress to work out a new policy and voiced his support for the so-called dreamers, including last week when he called for a "bill of love".

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