Uber looking for women drivers in Saudi Arabia

The New Khaliji

The New Khaliji

Women in Saudi Arabia will finally be able to go shopping for a new auto just months after the country granted them the right to drive.

At the stadium in Jeddah, female ushers were employed to greet the women fans and their families, who loudly cheered on the local team.

Farah Al Dabbagh, a woman born and raised in the capital of Saudi Arabia told WikiTribune that these changes reflect a positive step in Saudi society.

"I am very excited". Previous year he pledged to modernise the kingdom and to scale back the power of its ultraconservative clerics, returning Saudi Arabia to what he described as "moderate Islam".

She said: 'There is no time for us to be silent anymore'. On Friday evening, women will be able to attend a match of the country's popular professional soccer league.

This tourism update comes as part of a larger scheme to ween Saudi Arabia off its reliance on oil and update the nation's image by 2030, said The National.

Before the ban is lifted in June, women continue to face arrest and prison time for driving cars.

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However, Saudi Arabia still lags behind the rest of the world in women's rights, being particularly criticized for its strict male guardianship system.

Those who complete the training sessions receive a certificate which acts as a guarantee that they have officially joined Careem's team, bar any changes to Saudi traffic laws, says Careem's public relations manager, Murtadha Alalawi.

The decree opened the King Fahd stadium in Riyadh, King Abdullah Sport City stadium in Jeddah, and Prince Mohammed Bin Fahd stadium in Dammam to women and families.

His Royal Highness the Crown Prince also underlined Saudi Arabia's pivotal role supporting regional security by combating terrorism and its funding.

However there has been some opposition to the reforms by Saudi clerics and conservative members of society.

The Saudi ban on women driving has always been an worldwide criticism leveled at the country's wealthy ruling elite.

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