Truth & Lies: The Tonya Harding Story

Video Do You Recognize the Hunting Logo on Tonya Harding’s Skating Sweatshirt?
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Video Do You Recognize the Hunting Logo on Tonya Harding’s Skating Sweatshirt? News | ≡OutdoorHub Reporters57 mins ago13 Shares Share Tweet Text

Former Olympic figure skater Tonya Harding almost cut short after host Piers Morgan told her she was playing the victim in a situation in which the real victim was rival Nancy Kerrigan.

- Nancy Kerrigan responded to questions about the new movie, "I, Tonya", on Thursday and said she doesn't really care about the film.

Watch ABC News' two-hour special, "Truth and Lies: The Tonya Harding Story", on January 11 at 9 p.m. ET. "I appreciate being on your show, but I think I'm going to have to say have a good night", Harding.

Harding told ABC News she "knew something was up" about a month or two before the attack, but maintained that she never agreed to or knew about her ex-husband Jeff Gillooly's plan to go after Kerrigan. "But until that time, we've been very consistent - and as you can imagine I'm getting calls from everybody under the sun from all around the world - so just to be consistent we're really not saying anything at this point".

She was sentenced to three years of supervised probation, 500 hours of community service, a $100,00 state find and was instructed to set up a $50,000 fund to benefit the Special Olympics.

But once you move past the sheer absurdity of the suggestion, the demand on Rosenberg and subsequent dissolution of Harding's relationship with him is what stands out.

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To this, Harding responded that it is because Morgan would not let her finish her statement.

Robbie spoke with ET at the Los Angeles premiere of I, Tonya last month, where she revealed what it was like channeling Harding onscreen. "Now, she's happily married". The film centers on Harding's role in the attack on Kerrigan ahead of the 1994 Winter Olympics.

The film recaps the notorious events of 1994, when Jeff Gillooly (the ex-husband of Kerrigan's rival, Harding) and co-conspirator Shawn Eckardt, arranged for Kerrigan to be clubbed on the knee with a police baton. In another scene, she bribes a spectator at one of Tonya's competitions to heckle the young athlete, believing that her daughter will skate better if she is under pressure. "I've been through enough, and I have my son now".

"I, Tonya" treats Kerrigan as comic relief; the movie crowd burst out laughing for Kerrigan's brief appearances on screen but my stomach was turning. Scene by scene, it made me laugh, cringe, get angry, upset, confused, enlightened, entertained, nearly tearful and awed. She's experienced many highlights over the course of her career but directing and being a part of the narrative creation is something that she craves deeply.

But they are the facts of Harding's life, presented in all their ugly truth to create one of the year's best and weirdest tales of female empowerment.

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