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           Trump Postpones His Insane Fake News Award Show
       By Farron Cousins

Home Economy Trump Postpones His Insane Fake News Award Show By Farron Cousins

Though Kelly has sought to institute discipline in an often-chaotic White House, the retired general has realized during his time in the administration that among the things he can not control is Trump's off-the-cuff Twitter account.

The senior White House official told ABC News that the ban is also "designed to prevent leaks and ensure the productivity of the people who work here", something the memo didn't directly cite as reasoning.

The White House said after the meeting that lawmakers had agreed to narrow the scope of the negotiations to four areas: border security, family-based "chain migration", the visa lottery, and the DACA policy, winning nods from Democrats.

The White House has reportedly told staffers to decide by the end of January if they will be leaving the administration or staying on to battle it out through November's midterm elections.

The Trump administration could see increased turnover as more White House staffers and some members of Trump's cabinet eye the exits.

Myanmar prosecutor seeks Official Secrets Act charges against two Reuters journalists
He started his reporting career with the online Rakhine Development News and later worked at the Root Investigative Agency. Two Reuters journalists have been charged under Myanmar's Official Secrets Act despite widespread worldwide outrage.

Staff has previously been warned against using personal cell phones for official business but this memo appears to take the first formal steps outlining disciplinary actions for staffers who skirt the rules.

Kelly advises staff working in the West Wing to leave the prohibited devices at home, in their vehicles or their non West Wing offices.

White House press secretary Sanders defended the decision in recent weeks, saying it has been in the works for the past six months.

During Thursday's press briefing, CNN chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta asked press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders whether there is a "cause and effect" between the programming on Fox & Friends and President Trump's tweeting, a well-plumbed storyline. "That's a ridiculous characterization".

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