Thousands of NJ immigrants to lose legal status - Devastating, or about time?

Letter: Congress must act to protect immigrant families

Thousands of NJ immigrants to lose legal status — Devastating, or about time?

"Conditions in El Salvador have remained extremely unsafe and volatile, albeit for different reasons", she said.

The US-based Episcopal Church and ecumenical partner organisations are calling on Congress to act if the Trump administration refuses to reconsider its decision to end immigration protections for almost 200,000 Salvadorans who have for years been allowed to establish roots and raise families in American communities.

But he also wants to end the TPS program entirely.

Critics have complained TPS has allowed participants to extend their stays repeatedly in six- to 18-month increments. "They don't want to do it in an irregular way, they want to do it in a legal way.", she added.

According to Immigration and Refugee Board statistics, over 500 Salvadorans claimed refugee status in Canada from January to September 2017, which double the total for 2016 and more than any year since at least 2013.

"The past practice of allowing foreign nationals to remain in the United States long after an initial emergency in their home countries has ended has undermined the integrity of the program and essentially made the "temporary" protected status a front operation for backdoor permanent immigration", said Roy Beck, president of NumbersUSA, which favours less immigration overall.

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That means they will have to chose between taking their American-raised children to a country that they have had little or no connection with or letting them grow up in the United States without parents. Salvadoran families who have American born children will have to make a hard decision of breaking up their family or going back with their children to a country that is still considered highly risky.

Salvadorans became eligible for the temporary status after a series of earthquakes in 2001.

The country has received millions of dollars in aid for the recovery and rebuilt schools, homes and hospitals, the official said. I moved here two years ago.

Many activists argue that El Salvador is still too violent for those citizens to return.

TPS holders are our friends, co-workers, family and neighbors. She has lived in North Carolina for 18 years and runs a subcontracting construction business with her Honduran husband. "Most of us pay taxes, we're not living off the government, we're not criminals".

Many Haitians sought asylum in Canada based on expectations that they would easily be granted refugee status, the government said, leading lawmakers to reach out to diaspora communities to dispel such misinformation.

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