Switzerland rules lobsters must be stunned before they are boiled


Swiss insist on stunning lobsters before cooking

Switzerland thus decreed that lobsters should be stunned first before dunking them in hot water to avoid unnecessary suffering.

Boiled alive no more... at least in Switzerland.

Lobsters may not really scream when you boil them - they don't possess vocal cords - but research shows they can feel pain, and Switzerland's government chose to do something about the common culinary practice of boiling lobsters alive.

This traditional way of cooking lobsters is out, with the government now saying people have to stun the creatures first or properly kill them by the method of a knife to the brain through the back of their heads - or the part of their weird body that most resembles a head - before they're cooked.

Switzerland has banned the practice of cooking lobsters from a live state.

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The new law, which will come into effect starting March 2018, will also require a more humane mode of transportation when moving the lobsters from their natural habitat in the ocean to grocery stores and restaurants. According to Swiss cabinet officials, animals are sentient and therefore, must not be allowed to suffer unnecessarily.

The regulations also aim to crack down on illegal puppy farms, outlaw automatic devices that punish dogs for barking, spell out conditions for putting down sick or injured animals, and make organizers responsible for animal welfare at public events. Such government orders are in response to the arguments of animal rights advocates and scientists who claim that crustaceans have advanced nervous systems and can likely feel pain.

This legislation in Switzerland has sparked a debate on whether invertebrates including crustaceans can feel and sense pain.

While there is no absolute proof that lobsters can feel pain, constant experiments ran by scientists indicate an idea of pain in lobsters and similar animals.

Crustaceans may endure stress due to low oxygen levels and overcrowding in tanks when kept in confinement.

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