Spoilery Avengers 4 Set Photos Raise Big Questions for Film

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Chris Evans carries around his Captain America shield while waiting to film the upcoming Avengers movie in these new set photos, taken on Wednesday (January 10) in Atlanta, Ga.

Avengers 4 directors Joe and Anthony Russo revealed Thursday that principal photography on the film is officially done and dusted. Karen Gillan has wrapped up filming "Avengers: Infinity War" and "Avengers 4". Her involvement in Infinity War's casting will make her the first Nigerian-born actor to be in a Hollywood superhero movie. This rumor is made even more sound, considering that some of the folks at Marvel have mentioned that we should all be anticipating some character deaths in this latest hero installment because there are just too many heroes! In the debut trailer, fans saw Thanos wielding the Space and Power Stones, so this may tease him going after Doctor Strange and the Time Stone at Kamar-Taj.

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As the release date of Avengers: Infinity War is approaching gradually, some of the die-hard Marvel fans have already started the countdown to the next year's "big finale", Avengers 4!

Robert Downey Jr.is spotted wearing some sort of Agents of SHIELD shirt and Mark Ruffalo and Paul Rudd are a part of the scene. Yesterday, we saw Steve Rogers sporting his original Captain America uniform as he hangs out with an older looking Tony Stark and Scott Lang with his updated Ant-Man suit fueling longstanding rumors of the possibility of time travel in the movie. I'm still not expecting an official title until after the May 4, 2018 release of Avengers: Infinity War, but I'm placing all my Bitcoins on it being New Avengers or some variation on that theme.

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