Selena Gomez drama? Bombshell unfollows Demi Lovato and 250 pals on Instagram

Selena Gomez visited her childhood home

Selena Gomez unfollows nearly 300 accounts on Instagram... as she changes profile photo to image of mother Mandy Teefey

The Wolves singer - who is the most followed person on the social media platform - has unfollowed over 250 accounts, decreasing the number of people on her feed from 316 to a meer 37.

"He's playing on a rec hockey team and she watches in the stands with some of the other girlfriends and families of the players". It seems like the young star has been reflecting on her life and family a lot lately, even with her new posts on Instagram.

An insider says that things could get ugly between the singers' moms, adding that Teefey wants to knock some sense into Mallette and let her know that their kids are better off apart. The social media queen is the most followed user on the social network and recently went on a major purge.

She gave Demi Lovato, Gigi Hadid, the cast of 13 Reasons Why and her former co-stars from Wizards of Waverly Place the axe, but she chose to keep following BFF Taylor Swift, kidney donor Francia Raisa, Amy Schumer and Jessica Alba.

We're keeping an eye on Gomez's Instagram acccount, don't worry.

With all that Selena's been going through, it would make sense she wouldn't want many distractions.

With her high-profile reunion with Justin Bieber filling countless tabloid headlines, it's no surprise that the female half of #Jelena needs to take a moment to center herself every once in a while.

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It looks like Selena opted for a fresh start in the New Year - starting with her Instagram. I love you Grand Prairie.

Also, a list of Selena Gomez fan account also survived the epic culling.

Demi Lovato and Gomez have had a tumultuous friendship.

The one that might be disappointing is Lovato, considering the two were childhood friends, and although they had a falling out, Lovato has some kind words in support of Gomez after her surgery. However, just one month later, Gomez faced rumors of a split from The Weeknd as Bieber was caught making his way out of her Studio City home.

As the outlet explained, Gomez and Bieber have spent plenty of time with each other in the months since they reconciled.

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