Samsung Smartphones To Get Enabled FM Chips In The US

Samsung’s future US smartphones will have active FM radio chips

Future Samsung devices will come with an unlocked FM radio chip

It's easy to forget that inside smartphones - modern marvels that they are - there's a radio, hidden behind all those high-tech bells and whistles. Now, however, NextRadio has confirmed that Samsung will be the latest manufacturer to unlock the chip in its upcoming smartphones, in partnership with them. The app also works on devices without an active FM chip by streaming local FM stations over the internet, which uses more battery and data.

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Also, Samsung may bring 512GB storage chip to next-gen smartphones. The company has stated that users will be able to access local FM radio through apps such as NextRadio.

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai past year asked Apple to activate the FM radio chips installed in their phones in the interest of public safety.

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One would not find FM chips in older devices, possibly because these devices have already passed the FCC, and therefore activating a new radio would require another FCC certification for them.

Samsung isn't the first smartphone company to bring official FM radio support to their phones.

Lots of smartphones come with hardware that lets them receive free FM radio signals and Samsung unlocking their FM radio chip in future devices is important in times when there is no signal as information can be relayed to handsets via FM in times of a natural disaster or emergencies.

By joining hands with NextRadio app, Samsung sets out on its glorious humane mission for better emergency readiness and saving lives across the globe, glorifying the wondrous potential of cellular power through its tagline - "Rethink What a Phone Can Do".

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