Pokemon GO update requires new iPhone to play (for some)

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After the aforementioned date, those using Apple devices that can not be updated to iOS 11 will not be capable of accessing their Pokemon Go accounts.

While it's a bummer to hear that the developer would be making the game unplayable for a potentially large part of their base, Niantic claims that they have a good reason for making this move.

If you have a phone without iOS 11, you won't be able to access your account, use your pok├ęcoins, or use items in your bags.

Apple Support uploaded a new video tutorial to its YouTube channel this morning, continuing its quest of showing iOS users tips and tricks.

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Also of note: older iPad devices will no longer be able to play after this update. The company says the game update happening at the end of February will "push the application beyond the capabilities of the operating systems on such devices".

SEE HOW: Pokemon GO failed us all! To be fair, I doubt that there's a lot of people that are still playing on older devices.

While trainers have until late February to either update their Apple devices (or buy new ones), the announcement raises an interesting question: what will happen if Niantic introduces AR+ (or something similar) to the Android version of Pokemon GO? This now includes some pretty prominent influencers, including Reversal.

Pokemon Go is already experiencing a tumultuous 2018, as many players are growing frustrated with the controversial EX raid feature. He's one of the many hardcore players that have mysteriously been left out of the random invite system. However, now that influencers have started voicing their frustrations, it's a sign that Niantic should probably look into this issue post-haste.

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