Paige's In-Ring Career Reportedly Done

Report: Paige's WWE in-ring career is over

WWE News: Paige will never wrestle again after serious injury – reports

It is now unlikely that she will be cleared by the WWE to return to in-ring competition, according to a report from PWInsider's Mike Johnson. So if she really is "done" with wrestling, then they must have determined she's too injured to continue her in-ring career. And since she previously suffered a neck injury in 2016, WWE pulled her from the ring to do more tests. The Divas division, which has since been rebranded as the Women's division, was hardly getting any time to perform on WWE programming such as Raw and Smackdown when Paige made her main roster debut.

It was believed that she had just suffered a stinger, but after she started losing feeling in her extremities, WWE chose to do more testing which ultimately led to the decision to pull her from in-ring action. The referee called for the bell when she wouldn't get back up.

Paige was considered one of WWE's top women's wrestlers since her days from NXT.

She has been pulled from the Women's Royal Rumble and everything is pointing that she will be relegated to a non-physical role in the company going forward.

It's obviously a sad situation for the 25 year-old Paige, who returned to WWE television in November after a long absence.

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Paige just recently came back from a neck injury after a long 17 months away from the ring.

The Anti-Diva's WWE career began in 2011 when she signed a developmental contract with Florida Championship Wrestling which later became NXT.

WWE have yet to release an official statement.

She'll most certainly be involved in the promotion of WWE Studios' upcoming Fighting With My Family film which The Rock is producing, since that film is based on a British documentary about Paige's family.

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