New Ready Player One Video Offers Glimpse Of The Future

WATCH We get our first look behind Spielberg's new mega-blockbuster Ready Player One

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In the two previously released Ready Player One trailers, you may have noticed several Easter eggs giving nods to films, animes, games, and so much more.

Featuring clips from Steven Spielberg's vast filmography and interviews with both Spielberg and READY PLAYER ONE author Ernest Cline, 'See The Future' - Spielberg Sizzle Video examines the impact and influence of Steven Spielberg on Cline's pop culture odyssey. As the three new teasers for the film below show, though, the fictional world created by the movie and Ernest Cline novel may be closer to reality than you realize.

Spielberg appears to be cautious in not being too self-serving, with not too many references to his own works such as E.T. and Jurassic Park.

Ready Player One is set in 2045, with the world on the brink of chaos and collapse.

"I could not have written Ready Player One if I had not grown up on a steady diet of Steven Spielberg movies", Cline says.

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In the ouroboros of inspiration that was Cline and Spielberg's overlapping visions of the past and future, they hit upon the ideal collaboration for movie magic. "It's a good time to escape, so virtual reality will be a super drug".

"I suddenly saw a future that Ernest Cline, the writer of the book, envisions".

Ready Player One opens on March 30th and will be accompanied by a range of VR experiences debuting on the HTC Vive. The person able to put together all of the clues that he's left behind for them will not only be able to find the Easter Egg, but will be given Halliday's incredible fortune. Miller, with Simon Pegg and Oscar-winner Mark Rylance, and opens in US theaters on March 30th.

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