New Orleans Saints vs. Minnesota Vikings Live Stream

Minnesota Vikings activate Sam Bradford from IR, so now what?

WATCH: Young Vikings fans hilariously debate team's playoff chances

The Saints likely will move Jordan around their formation on Sunday, meaning a number of different blockers could face the All-Pro, who had 13 sacks this season.

The Eagles haven't played either the Vikings or the Saints this season.

The Minnesota Vikings surprised everyone by securing the #2 seed in the NFC after their starting QB Sam Bradford went down with an injury (again). Over the course of the season, the Vikings held opposing running backs to the fewest scrimmage yards in the NFL.

The Elo ratings are subjective in some cases, and the Tribune acknowledged that most of the Vikings' unexpected elimination games came decades ago.

For those scoring at home, the Saints have now allowed four players to hit 100 receiving yards in the past two weeks, in addition to giving up 300-yard performances to quarterbacks in each contest.

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No statistical trends are going to affect Minnesota's current team, which has been maybe the most balanced unit of the entire conference, and Zimmer has been adamant in debunking the concerns of a Vikings "curse", but there's also a precedent for postseason slip-ups in the Midwest.

Once the Saints said goodbye to Adrian Peterson, Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara took off in the Saints backfield.

The Saints went 11-5 and won their opening round playoff game over Carolina. "The 6'6", 265-pounder has 57 catches for 532 yards and eight touchdowns.

The Minnesota Vikings are the talk of the rust belt as they begin their path to potentially being the first team to ever host a Super Bowl. My Favorite sports teams in order.

So who should they be rooting for? I don't see them being able to get the big play against the Vikings like they did against the Panthers.

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