McConnell seeks immigration deal by Feb 8

Government shutdown goes into second day, amid blame on both sides

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Trump early Sunday encouraged the Senate's Republican leaders to invoke the "nuclear option" - a procedural maneuver to change the chamber's rules to allow passage of a budget by a simple majority of 51 votes to end the shutdown.

Paul called on Republican leadership in both chambers of Congress to commit to a week of debate and a vote on immigration legislation in the next month, to win over Democratic votes to reopen the government. Senate Democrats want to either attach immigration legislation to the bill or move up the deadline for a long-term spending bill to encourage separate immigration negotiations.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell put the blame squarely upon Mr. Schumer.

"After extensive discussions with Senators, on both sides of the aisle, I believe such a proposal would pass if it was understood that after February 8, the Senate would move to an immigration debate with an open amendment process if no agreement has been reached with the White House and House of Representatives", Graham said on Saturday.

The government entered a partial shutdown Saturday after the Senate was unable to agree on a short-term spending bill the House passed Thursday. For example, the House could simply ignore the Senate's approval of an amnesty bill, just as the House ignored the Senators' 2013 vote for the "Gang of Eight" amnesty.

What is more interesting is that this happened on the day Donald Trump completed 1 year as President of the United States. "The government shut down because Senate Democrats made a decision to hold the entire federal government and children's health insurance hostage".

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"This is another example of President Trump throwing a tweet in the middle of bi-partisan negotiations that are making progress", Coons said. The big holdup was in the Senate, where Republicans have 52 members and which needs a 60-40 vote to beat the impasse.

Democrats have accused Republicans of poisoning chances of a deal and pandering to Trump's populist base by refusing to back a program that protects an estimated 700,000 "Dreamers" - undocumented immigrants who arrived as children - from deportation.

"We will work with Democrats and Republicans in the House and Senate committed to fixing our broken immigration system", she said.

Senate Republicans' stance on immigration, in general, seems to have softened a bit over the weekend.

He tells "CBS This Morning" in an interview Monday: "We're going to continue crushing our adversaries whether the government's open or closed". Whether Trump would back the emerging plan or any later proposal on immigration is an open question. Both House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and White House Legislative Director Marc Short confirmed that there would be no DACA negotiations while the government remained without funding. Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake, another previous no-vote, announced he would vote in favor of reopening the government Monday.

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is calling on Republicans to "sit down and talk" with Democrats on immigration in an effort to reopen the government.

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